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Mario C. Oliveira
Diane J. Kelly
Danielle A. Boucher
Victor Benezra
Stephen Tobia
Ann Quesada
Becky Horschel
Gwendolyn R. Horschel
Sherri Fair Caplan
Andrea Williams
Vanessa Dance
Kimberly Bates
Cori Kellner
Christina Jackson


MIMA - Viera
MIMA - Gateway Dr
CCH Medical Plaza



MIMA's five board-certified physicians perform a combination of obstetrical and gynecological care. Diane Kelly, M.D. limits her practice to obstetrics, while Mario Oliveira, M.D. and Danielle Boucher, M.D. care for patients' gynecology needs. Carlos Salup, M.D. and Victor Benezra, M.D. are both certified by the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists to perform specialized surgery in both obstetrics and gynecology. Drs. Benezra, Boucher and Kelly are primarily located at 7125 Murrell Road in Melbourne.  Drs. Oliveira and Salup are located at 5200 S. Babcock Street in Palm Bay.

Better known as OB/GYN, this specialty provides general medical care for women and services during pregnancy, including prenatal and postpartum care, as well as genetic counseling. In many ways, OB/GYNs are primary care physicians for women, often providing basic medical exams and routine tests. As specialists, OB/GYNs diagnose and treat hormonal disorders, sexual dysfunction, reproductive organ diseases and urinary tract illnesses. They are also trained in surgery to correct or treat reproductive and urinary problems in women. Cancer screenings for women are often initiated by OB/GYNs. Certain OB/GYNs may choose to provide only GYN services, focusing on the treatment of women outside pregnancy.